Hors D'Oeuvers  (per dozen)

Water Chestnuts Wrapped in Bacon  $13       Spring Rolls$15.50                     Fish Nuggets   $16

Sweet & Sour Meatballs   $14                             Battered Shrimp   $14           Battered Scallops   $14

Pizza Rolls   $16                                                     Chicken Wings   $16               Chicken Nuggets   $14.50


Platters                 Dips                                             Sweet Trays

(Serve 20 to 25 people)        Spinach Dip with Bread Bites  $27.50            Assorted Tarts, Brownies, Squares  $55

Cheese & Crackers  $65         Taco Dip with Nacho Chips$27.50                           Deluxe Cookie Mix  $55

Assorted Vegetables  $55      Hummus with Bread Bites and Veggies $25

Deli  $65                                                 

Fruit  $65                                                  

Sandwiches ( 60 1/4 Pieces)  $55                                                                         


Dinner Menu


Not included with Entree. $4.00 will be added to each meal

One Choice

Tossed Salad

Pecan Mandarin Salad

Caesar Salad



All Entrees accompanied with mashed potato, baby carrots & mashed turnip

Roast Beef    $23.50

Roast Turkey    $21

Stuffed Chicken Breast    $21

Pork Loin with Apple Sauce   $21

Salmon Fillet with Dill Sauce    $21

Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding    $31.50


Vegetarian Stir-Fry    $18.00

Cold Plate    $18.00

Kids Meal / Chicken Fingers & Fries    $13.99



Choice of Two

Included with Entree

Carrot Cake

Assorted Cheesecake

Apple Pie

Tea & Coffee


BBQ Menu

(Choice of 2)

10 oz. Striploin    $28.50

Lobster 1 1/2 lb (seasonal pricing)   $27.00

Chicken Breast   $21

Hamburgers & Hot Dogs ( 1 each per person)   $15

Included with Meal

Baked Potato

Choice of Macaroni Salad or Coleslaw

Fried Mushrooms & Onions

Dinner Rolls



(please choose from the following)

Carrot Cake

Assorted Cheesecake

Assorted Brownies

Assorted Cookies

Tea & Coffee


Please note:
For allergy concerns please inform catering 48 hours prior to service.
Choices confirmed 2 weeks in advance
Prices are subject to change & do not include tax or gratuity